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    Attention Parents and Guardians!

    We are pleased to inform you that we are offering a series of parent workshops called “THE GETTING TO KNOW SERIES” These workshops are designed to give you insights into the curriculum programs that our teachers are using to provide ELA and math instruction to our children. In addition there will be a workshop in “Test Sophistication” that will provide insights into the State ELA, Math and Science Assessments.

    Hope to see you at these wonderful learning opportunities !!

    In our school calendar that's located on the lower right you will find dates for our upcoming "GETTING TO KNOW WORKSHOP SERIES" and future activities in our school.

    What's Happening?

    Attention 8th Grade parents!!

    Senior activities are approaching soon. Click here to obtain a copy of the 8th Grade Graduation Committee parent letter. On this letter you will find information for dates, dues and special events. Contact our Parent Coordinator for more information at dvillanueva@psis377.org or by phone  at 718-574-0325 X. 1200.

    For information in Spanish Click Here.

    Principal's Message



    Dear PS/IS 377 FAMILIES:

    I hope that everyone is well!!

    This has certainly been a challenging winter between the record breaking cold and snowfall!!

    The good news is that spring and the warmer temperatures will be here soon!!

    March is a very busy month at our school. Parent Teacher Conferences are on the 11th, and we will be conducting a number of workshops that will assist you with helping your child prepare for the ELA and Math assessments in April. I encourage you to attend the workshops that pertain to your children. I look forward to seeing you at the Parent Teacher Conferences!! Please ensure that you complete the Parent Survey that will be available to you during the Conference.


    Yours truly,

    Dominic Zagami, Principal.

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    Upcoming Events

    Wednesday, April 30
    NY State Mathematics Grades 3-8
    Thursday, May 1
    NY State Mathematics Grades 3-8
    Friday, May 2
    NY State Mathematics Grades 3-8
    Wednesday, May 21
    NY State Science Performance Exam Grades 4&8